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Christo Child of God, Assistance of Counsel

Christo is the founder of Americans in Action and co-founder of Constitutional Counties United. He is an entrepreneur and has had several successful businesses throughout his career. As the CEO of a management firm he has guided the careers of producers, directors, writers, actors, showrunners and singers. Along with his amazing team of assistance of counsel, Christo produces and books "awaken the people" events such as "Love of Liberty", "Free and the Brave" and others. He works with sheriffs, senators, commissioners, doctors and activists, and we the people, to educate and remind us all who we truly are, and to stand as free, living men and women in the "Kingdom of Heaven". As a speaker, he presents at various functions throughout the nation to support the sacred cause of freedom and choice for all! Contact us to book Christo at your next event.
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Ananda Child of God, Assistance of Counsel

"Ananda" is an Assistance Of Counsel, and a teacher of Trust, Ethics, and true law based on Godly principals. She is a former business broker/real estate broker where she acted as a fiduciary and intermediary in the sale and purchase of businesses and luxury homes. She has a deep understanding of the essential elements that make a contract valid versus what makes a contract void. She has an extensive background in translating difficult legal jargon into laymen's terms. Ananda has a free-style way of communication which makes learning easy for students. Her intention is to help folks to release any anxiety when it comes to learning about true law. She is an American State National and a dynamic public speaker who has shared the stage alongside her AIA teammates with the likes of Carrie Madej, Judy Mikovitz, Oregon Senator Dennis Linthicum, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. David Martin, Foster Gamble, and many others... Contact us to schedule Ananda for your speaking event. You can also request a one-on-one consultation with Ananda: Book a consultation

Jason Ian Child of God, Assistance of Counsel

A graduate from UCLA, Jason is an educator, author, screenwriter, entrepreneur, researcher, personal consultant, artist and life coach. Jason spent two years in post education living in Israel where he immersed himself in the studies of the Torah to become an Orthodox Rabbi. With his in depth practices of critical thinking, writing, law research. and practical implementation as Assistance Of Counsel, along with his religious and spiritual explorations, Jason feels as if it was by divine guidance that he was brought to teach how to decodify the law from legalese... back to it's spiritual and biblical origins. A child of God, Jason, a living breathing man and soul, is devoted to living freely and fulfilling his divine purpose, while simultaneously, nurturing his passion for helping others to realize their own true (inner) sovereignty. A dynamic and inspirational speaker, Jason is available to be a guest speaker at your next event, for interviews, and you can also request a one-on -one consultation. May all be blissfully guided to know who they are. Contact us to book Jason at your next event. Book a consultation

Clark Child of God, Researcher, Tech

Lifelong seeker of truth and that which supports the life process for an individual within the whole of Gods creation. Successful businessman, health practitioner, artist, with an extensive science background. In service to all life as an educator, organizer, researcher, and supporter of the spirit within the human journey.

Clyde Child of God, "Cosmic Connector"

Author, Entrepreneur, Gubernatorial Candidate of Iowa, named "First Socially Conscious Venture Capitalist" in Estes Park, CO 1986 (International Symposium on Conscious Investing)

"Restoring the Heart of America" 2002

"Common Sense Revisited" 2007 Read online at

Cohen Child of God,
Assistance Of Counsel

Cohen served in the United States Air Force as a S.E.R.E. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape Specialist where he taught how to negotiate governmental legal systems in peace time and also in war time detention environments. Cohen has a deep empathy for those who are entangled by corrupt legal systems of exploitation. Cohen is a lawful assistance of counsel, beekeeper, and teaches wilderness survival. To book a 1 hour consultation with Cohen, please click this button below: (Cost: $250 per hour)