The Day has come for Sheriff's to Stand up and take action as one of the last bastions of freedom

Will the sheriffs remain passive by simply saying they won't enforce unconstitutional orders (which we appreciate), or will they be active and lawfully take action, mandated by the Constitution, against the domestic enemies who issue the orders? 

Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal County, AR, has been a strong voice for the people.   He has recently created a coalition of sheriffs devoted to upholding the Constitution and the Oath they swore to the Constitution.  His organization,  Protect America Now supports Sheriffs and law enforcement members that believe in God, Family and Freedom. They serve the people and they stand ready to protect their citizens.

Sheriff Richard Mack created the CSPOA to help remind and educate sheriffs all over the country of the importance of their oath of office, which is an oath to the Constitution, to serve and protect. This is more important now than ever, and also more challenging than 20 years ago.  "When we look at the Office of the Sheriff, combined with the historical powers held by that office, he stands as the upholder, defender, protector and servant to the liberties of the people within the county."

Constitutional Sheriffs Must Unite With We The People and Act Now....

For Constitutionally minded sheriffs to begin to restore this nation back to constitutional governance and uphold the rights of the people, as guaranteed in the Constitution(s),  against the unconstitutional actions of domestic enemies holding public office, the following positions are imperative:

1.  The Constitution for the united states of America, circa 1787, as amended in 1791 with The Bill of Rights, is the Supreme Law of the Land, as clearly stated in Article VI. The Constitution supersedes all other forms of lesser law, no matter what they may be and from what source they issue.

2.  Any "law" that is repugnant to the Constitution is null and void; thus, without lawful force and effect upon the people. 

3.  Any congress, legislature, or any governor and public officer that issues an unconstitutional "law", statute, code, regulation rule, order, policy, etc. violates and opposes the Constitution, his oath thereto, the public trust and that "law" is null and void on its face, absent any lawful force and effect upon the people.

4.  The two positions below express the above very directly:

 a)  Any act created and passed by any legislative body and any action committed by any public officers either support and uphold the                          Constitution, or oppose and violate it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  b)  No public officers have the constitutional authority--or any other form of valid authority--to oppose the very documents to which                          they swore or affirmed their oaths.

The above positions specify the authority and the power of our national Constitution. 

AUTHORITY is extremely important, and the sheriff, as the duly elected highest law enforcement officer in his county, possesses the lawful authority to act on behalf of those constituents when they have been harmed by unconstitutional actions.  The sheriff has taken an oath to support and uphold the national and state Constitutions.  The inherent rights and due process guaranteed to the people in those Constitutions must be upheld by the sheriff and all public officers.  Whenever Citizens' constitutionally secured rights and due process have been violated and denied by unconstitutional actions of public officers, and those Citizens have been damaged by those unconstitutional actions, then the sheriff has the constitutional authority and duty to protect the rights and interests of his constituents.  If the constituents have been damaged by an unconstitutional order, "law", regulation, rule, policy, guideline, etc., it is their right to notify the sheriff via their sworn complaints of how they have been harmed by unconstitutional actions of public officers, and it is the sheriff's sworn duty, pursuant to his oath, to protect the rights and interests of his constituents, thereby, act upon those complaints.

Any time these circumstances occur, there is an obvious constitutional violation, and when constitutional violations occur, there is always a constitutional remedy. 

Below are some positions to keep in mind and some actions that can be taken by people and sheriffs who want to uphold their inherent constitutionally secured rights and lawfully enforce them against errant, unconstitutional public officers who violate those rights. 

1.  A full recognition that all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.  As stated above, as the Supreme Law, the Constitution supersedes all lesser law of any type under any circumstances. 

2.  There are no circumstances, including an alleged emergency, real or fabricated, under which the Constitution can lawfully be suspended and the rights and due process guaranteed to the people can be denied and violated.

3.  When American Citizens are damaged by the unconstitutional orders and/or actions issued and committed by any public officers, those public officers have perjured their oaths, violated the Constitution(s), and damaged the inherent guaranteed rights of the Citizens. 

4.  When Citizens are damaged by the actions described above, then, they have the right to notify government of the damages, redress their grievances to government and clearly state how the unconstitutional actions harmed them in specific ways. 

5.  The people can write Affidavits/Declarations of Truth to the public officers who damaged the Citizens, citing the unconstitutional actions that created the damages, with all charges and claims based in truth, fact, valid law and evidence. 

6.  It is likely that the recipient-public officers will not rebut affidavits with claims and charges supported by truth, fact, valid law and evidence by means of their sworn, notarized affidavits, supported by truth, fact, valid law and evidence.  Such a rebuttal affidavit would be a lawful impossibility.

7.  When the affidavit recipients fail to rebut the charges and claims made in the Affiant's Affidavits/Declarations of Truth, then, they tacitly admit to all of those charges and claims, fully binding upon them in any court and/or before any public body, without their protest, objection and that of those who represent them.  An unrebutted affidavit stands as fact and truth before any court and/ or public body.

8.  Since the Affiants have not received any rebuttal and remedy from the public officer recipients, then, the Affiants can write Affidavits of Complaint against those public officers, calling for their removal from office, pursuant to the self-executing Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment, and call for their immediate arrests for their crimes against the Constitution(s) and the people.  The Affiants should attach to their Complaints copies of their unrebutted Affidavits/Declarations of Truth sent to those public officers.

9.  The sheriffs' constituents can file these Affidavits of Complaint, with the Affidavits/Declarations of Truth attached, and present them to the sheriff for the execution of constitutional duties whereby he arrests the unconstitutional officers who issued the unconstitutional orders, "laws", policies, etc., which damaged his constituents. 

10. The sheriff, as the duly elected, highest law enforcement and peace officer in that county, with a sworn duty to the Constitutions and to his constituents, has the constitutional authority and the duty to act on behalf of the damaged Citizen-constituents and lawfully arrest the public officers for their unconstitutional actions committed against those Citizens, which actions grievously harmed them.

11. The unconstitutional criminal public officers should be jailed, without bail, since they are flight risks and charged with sedition and insurrection and the unconstitutional actions cited in the Affidavits of Complaint, all of which egregiously damaged the people. 

12. The sheriff should exercise his lawful authority to convene a grand jury to hear the charges against the unconstitutional officers, and if the grand jury determines that the charges are true and correct, shall issue a true bill of indictment against the unconstitutional public officers and they shall be held for trial by jury, and if found guilty, shall be punished to the fullest extent of the Law.

As a Constitutional Republic, America is ruled by written law, and the Supreme Law, our Constitution, is that written Law.  All other lesser law is superseded by the superior authority of the Constitution.  When the people and public officers abide by this Supreme Law, they are acting with constitutional authority.  When they oppose it, then, they are opposing the very Constitution, itself, and must be held accountable, responsible and liable for their unconstitutional actions.  Jefferson warned us to oppose all enemies of this Republic, foreign and domestic.  The American people are beginning to see and comprehend that many domestic enemies exist in public offices throughout this entire nation.  If the American people do not uphold their Constitution and remove these domestic enemies from all public offices in which they exist, then, America will fall to tyranny.

 Citizens of the American Constitution | Jack & Margy Flynn