CALL TO ACTION:  What You Can Do To Uphold Your Unalienable and Constitutional Rights In Your County

>>>>>COMMUNICATE:    DO NOT CONSENT:  Communicate (via in person, social media, letters, affidavits, emails,  etc.) to everyone,  the truth about the egregious and unconstitutional overreach by the person acting as governor (and other elected officials).  Remember it is the Truth that Sets us free!    To not act is to acquiesce.

For extensive peer-reviewed scientific analyses of how the medical data has been manipulated, you can read this work from Dr. Henry Ealy, the lead researcher from a team who authored the peer reviewed papers titled COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective” and “COVID-19: Restoring Public Trust During A Global Health Crisis.” His work verified significant findings of federal law violations by the CDC and acts of willful misconduct by the FDA that were thoroughly vetted.

WRITE AFFIDAVITS TO ANYONE WHO HAS HARMED YOU. Affidavits of Truth are legal documents when they are notarized and recorded. For more info go to affidavits.


>>>>>CONTACT SHERIFF:     Write letters: Email and/or printed letter.  Befriend the Sheriff and express your support for him.  In addition, describe how you have been harmed (by C19 impositions,  i.e.  discriminated against, financially harmed, emotionally stressed, how your children have been harmed etc.)                                                                                                     Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler:  541-774-6711    For more info on Constitutional Sheriff :  see sheriff's page

Business Owners write letter:  Email and/or printed letter of how you have been harmed by C19 impositions (financially, emotionally etc.) For detailed information on HOW TO STAY OPEN go here

Live Meeting: with Sheriff. Build report, connect, and relate. In addition reiterate how you have been harmed and with tough love; remind him to uphold his oath to Constitution and to protect his constituents from govt. Overreach. 

Group Meeting: With the Sheriff in person, and/or zoom. With more than one constituent expressing their support and grievances to the Sheriff, allows for collaboration, and can offer a solution oriented relationship between the Sheriff and his constituents. 


>>>>>BUSINESS OWNERS:     NO TRESPASSING” sign(s) addressed to OSHA, OHA, OLCC, (and any other official) in your store front windows. If any of the above want to enter your establishment, they must return with a warrant. If they do not abide by law they will be arrested and/or fined for both trespassing and harassment. Email us for a PDF copy you can print.

Affidavits:   Notarize and Send to OSHA/OHA/OLCC telling them what Laws they are violating and how you have been harmed.  An Affidavit Declaration of Truth is a lawful, legal document when notarized and recorded.  For more info on this process and an affidavit templates go here:


>>>>>WRITE/COMMUNICATE WITH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS:       EMAIL/SEND LETTER: To local Board of Commissioners describing how you have been harmed. Remind them they are elected officials and work for their constituents and must abide by Constituents requests. We elect them to represent us and stand up for our rights and they have sworn an Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution. 

Write to or Email the Jackson County BOC here: Rick Dyer: Rick Dyer - Jackson County, Oregon Commissioner    Colleen Roberts:  Colleen Roberts - Jackson County, Oregon Commissioner,  Dave Dotterrer: Dave Dotterrer, County Commissioner (

SPEAK: on the public meetings every Wednesday at 9:30 AM PST, via live teleconference :   and may be listened to on the phone by calling 253-215-8782 and entering Webinar ID No. 921-8212-2821.   See  Calendar - Board of Commissioners ( for upcoming meetings and express how you feel and your grievances directly to commissioners, remind them of their oath to office as well as offer solutions.  

>>>>>KNOW YOUR RIGHTS:    EDUCATION: for starters, know your Constitutionally protected rights,  the ORS Statutes, specifically those in regards to owning a business, and your protected civil rights, and Oregon State Constitution. 

>>>>>COMMUNITY:    Stay Active: within your community with events, zoom meetings, church, (and other organizations) along with liberty events.  Exchange information and offer experience. Create events where people can gather freely and safely.

Support: local businesses to stay open, along with other (liberation) commerce, and other family and friend community activities.

SOCIAL MEDIA: (continue) to form SECURE/SAFE social media platforms to exchange information within community, nation and world wide.  United we are Strong. 

Join us at: Americans In Action Telegram Channel

Any and all assistance to support all Americans In Action is so greatly appreciated by all of us! 

Remember “We the People, For The People!” Our Freedom begins within, each and everyone of us! Now is the time to BE an American In Action!

it is your right and responsibility to uphold your unalienable Rights

Use the dropdown menu  under "your rights' documents" for specific documents that pertain to your situation.  You can give these to your employer,  your children's teachers or school board,  military commander,  local politicians/health authorities to notify them of your intent to uphold your medical freedoms, your right to breathe, your right to gather,  and other constitutional rights.  Below are basic calls to action that you can do now in your county. 

brown wooden blocks on white table
brown wooden blocks on white table
In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell