Correcting Your Status

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Correcting Your Status Masterclass
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Learn how to lawfully
correct your status
on the record...

Topics Covered:
Proof Of Service
Affidavit Of Unrebutted Affidavit
Deed Of Reconveyance
Declaration Of Non-Corporate Status
(or Patent Of Nativity)
Handling Of Documents Including Notary Services
Which Documents Require Witnesses
Which Color Ink To Use And Why
Mailing and Recording
Passport - Outlined Steps For
Updating Your Travel Documents
Right Law Words and
How To Use Them
What Is "Standing"?
Status, Standing, Jurisdiction
How To Lawfully Avoid The Courts and Handle Matters Administratively and Peacefully

Meet Your instructors:
Christo, Ananda and Jason Ian
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This team of Assistance Of Counsel has broken down what could be potentially overwhelming steps into an easy-to-learn and easy-to-follow process!
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Certified Proof Of Service and Notice of Unrebutted Affidavit Examples

Please feel free to "borrow" these example pages to create your own Certified Proof Of Service and Notice Of Unrebutted Affidavit