Assistance Of Counsel

Weekend Workshop Feb. 11-12 2023

Americans In Action is excited to be offering our one of a kind Assistance of Counsel Course.
As mentioned in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution f‚Äčor the United States of America, an Assistance of Counsel is one of the Living We the People who has the ability to offer lawful counsel to his or her fellow living man or woman. In this two day intensive online workshop, AIA will delve deep into the fundamentals of what exactly it is to be an Assistance of Counsel, give you the tools on how to further secure your own freedom by knowing how, and what it is to stand, and assist you into finding your own path as an Assistance of Counsel so that you too can begin to assist your fellow man and woman to stand in honor, as we return to our de jure Constitutional Republic.

Topics of study will include:

~The Power of "We the People" and what it is to Stand

~How to implement and Master the administrative process

~How to make a defacto BAR court into an Article 3 Common Law de jure Court

~The importance of words and language, including the hidden definitions in legalese

~How the courts and BAR attorneys work in conjunction towards a predetermined outcome and how as an Assistance of Counsel, one can assist in derailing them.

~The fundamentals of Contract Law

~The Right to Travel vs Driving and so much more.

~Live and Interactive with Q and A