AIA are now offering classes to become an Assistance of Counsel which is mentioned in the sixth amendment. It is a one month course that explains what that post actually is, guidance in your studies and hidden ways how to win in court all the time.
Our country is now reversing the tide of deceit and it is once again returning to a Constitutional Republic.

Topics of study will include:

-The Power of "We the People"

-How to make a defacto BAR court into an Article 3 Common Law de jure Court

-The importance of words including hidden definitions of legalese

-Discovery tools that puts evidence in the record

-The history of the BAR takeover that happened in 1871

-The oath of Office

-Where the "police"cy" enforcers fit in this BAR statute enforcement and how to handle them

-The unconstitutional arrests of Victimless Crimes.

- The Right to Travel and much much more.