Ron Gibson: Land Patents ....Your Unalienable Rights

An information packed conversation with Ron Gibson and Christo Hart, Americans In Action, on the empowering and essential topic of allodial title, land patents, and how to own your home 'as King'..and owing to no one. Ron Gibson is a true lover of God and has been in service to man/womankind for over 30 years with the land patent process and exposing the truth. In this talk, Ron provides the fundamentals of what these terms mean, along with case examples. Ron has been assisting Americans to learn and apply these essential concepts in land ownership, that are granted by God, and how they were unlawfully taken away. And just like a weed garden growing over a bed of rich soil, you can strip away the weed growth and reveal the richness and forever foundation that lies dormant underneath and we see it has never gone away. Join Ron online at and sign up for his essential online seminars on Land Patents and Allodial Title and be free.

David Avocado Wolfe: The King Of The Raw Food Diet: Ancient Healing For A Thriving Planet

The brilliant, one and only, David Avocado Wolfe in sacred conversation with long time friend Christo Hartman, delves deep into ancient wisdoms of plant medicine, sacredness of planting, health, herbs to detoxify the body and the earth, the Pleiades, and so much more from his own research and experiences. What was hidden is brought to light in this compelling interview. You will come away enlightened and forever changed after this one!

Miki Klann:"Bonds For The Win"

Americans In Action's Christo Hartman and Bonds For The Win's Miki Klann deliver a symphony of information that puts the liability on the public servants. And what you can do to hold them to their oaths of office.
Bombshell of info! Inspired talk from Dr. David Martin where he reveals the key players to the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humanity!
David and Kim Martin: Hidden in Plain Sight
Dr. Dan Stacks. For documents presented, go HERE

Informed Consent is required otherwise it is a violation of the Law and the US constitution

America's Frontline Doctors summary of crimes against humanity
Its' NOT about your health....